Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    retailing(retail is the sale of goods to the end users,but for use andconsumptin by the purchaser.retail involve the sale of merchabdise from a single point of puchase dirctly to a single point of pychaser directly to a cusyomer who intends to use that product.The rerail transaction is at the end of the chain.

    • Topic 2

      Types of whole salle.6 types of whole seller.     1 Mechant whole salers.2Full service wholesalers.3Limited service whole salers.4Brokers and agents.5Branches and mini offices.6 Specialized whole salers.

      • Topic 3

        Importance of whole salers.1 Breaks down the bulk.2Provide storage capacity.3Risk bearing4 Maintain the demand supply.

        • Topic 4

          definnation of wholesale.(it is a channel of distribution where large qiantities of goids are sold to the retailers or industrial,commercial other professional b's which r not the end consumers.