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Semester 1 Online External Examination Session 2021-22

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Instruction for Students:

1. The Question Papers will be made available to the students on the Student Exam Page by entering their Student lD/University Roll Number on the website:
 2. The front page of the answersheet has been made available on the link below. Student is directed to take print out of this page and attach it with the answersheet. The Answer Scripts of each paper should have this format on the front page. The students are advised to fill in all required columns on the front page before pasting/attaching with the Answer Sheet. 
3. The students will write on the front page of the Answer Sheet – the name, the parentage, University Roll No., Page No., Total pages used, and the Session. At no other point/place, the student will disclose his/her name /college name except putting his/her signatures with date on the top of each page of the Answer Scripts. The use of any other indication for disclosing identity shall be tantamount to the use of unfair means and will be dealt under the University statutes.
 4. The students have to write the answers on A4-size double side lining sheets only.
 5. Use of unfair means i.e. copying directly from books, internet sources, plagiarism shall lead to disqualification.
6. Paper will begin at 10:30am on stipulated date and will be available on the website 
7. Students will write on prescribed sheets and *make a PDF of the answersheet*
 8. PDF must be mailed within 40 minutes after completion of examination to the email ID displayed next to the question paper download link on the portal 
9. Students must mail the answers of all exams from the same email ID 10. There shall be no provision of Re-evaluation/Re-checking in the Online Exams.
11. Reliability of the internet connection must be ensured by the students on their own. The University shall not be responsible for response/submission-related problems if any due to any issue whatsoever
12. Schedule for submission of answersheets will be communicated later on.

Students are directed to read the complete instructions from the following link

Candidates Consent for Final Examination of Semester 3 and Semester 5

University of Jammu in its notification regarding conduct of Semester 3 and 5 examination Session 2021-22 vide Notification No. Exams/Sem-5th/CBCS/2022/573-672 dated 17-03-2022 has notified to conduct the said examination in a Blended Mode that is Offline or Online. Student has choice to opt any of the mode. Choice once opted will not be changed and examinations of all subjects will have to be taken in the mode opted by the student.

Filing this form is mandatory for all students.

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